Gail Gilliland

Gail Gilliland

The Demon of Longing

Being A Minor Writer


Gail Gilliland's poems and stories have been in a number of journals. She's the author of The Demon of Longing: 14 Stories (Carnegie Mellon University Press Series in Short Fiction) and of a poetics/​memoir, Being A Minor Writer (University of Iowa Press). She is currently finishing a collection of linked stories that explore different points of view in family narratives, most recently "Propinquity" in Blueline ; "Out Here in California" in Soundings East; and "Seeds On Stone" in Vermont Literary Review. Four of her poems are included in the anthology, The Widows' Handbook, Jacqueline Lapidus and Lise Menn, eds. (Kent State U. Press, 2014).

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